Sherpa Under $100

If you don't yet have a sherpa. You should consider it. Fall is here, and that sherpa is calling for you. 

Here, I'll share my long (and maybe unnecessary - but funny) story on my sherpa purchases, and I will also link a ton of sherpa for you to snag one of your own!

Thread & Supply half-zip sherpa. Wearing a size small. Color is ivory. RUNS BIG!

Cannot find the exact Thread & Supply vest... but here is a dupe. Wearing a size small. Color is charcoal. RUNS BIG! Wearing a size small in the top.

Thread & Supply full-zip. Wearing a size small. Color is ivory. RUNS BIG! Wearing a size small in the top.

Okay, so here goes my lengthy story...

Last year I was raving over the Thread & Supply sherpa. They had the vest, half-zip, and full-zip. I loved the half-zip the most... but it was close to $100. I then started growing on the vest which was slightly more affordable. So I ordered it on Nordstrom. I was iffy with the price, but I had to see it. How do you know if something is worth the price if you don't at least try it?

After I placed the order, I took a trip to Maryland to visit family and took a shopping trip to Nordstrom. Of course I was like "oooooo" because I knew Nordstrom was the place that had the super fuzzy Thread & Supply sherpas that I've been dreaming of. I asked the worker if she had any of them... Just ANY of them. I needed to see and feel the softness. NOW.

So the worker pulled out the full-zip sherpa. I tried it on and it was the most COMFY, WARM, and SOFT article of clothing I have ever put on my body. Though still, all I had in mind was the price tag, and I knew I had already ordered the vest. As I mentioned, I preferred the half-zip, but they did not have it in the store. I figured if I was going to spend close to $100 on a sherpa piece... I wanted it to be the half-zip. So I gave it back to the worker. That's when she told me it was on sale for $35. I was like "Excuse me, what?" So guess what came home with me...

When I got home from Maryland, the vest was on my front door step, and I adored it. Kept that too. 

Fast forward to now... I still wished I had the half-zip. Went to Marshalls a couple days ago and I found the exact half-zip sherpa. Price tag: $24.99... eeeeeppp!! Didn't think twice... that thing was coming home with mama. They also had the vests for $19.99, which my mom got.

When I got to the register, the cashier told me she liked these sherpas. So of course, I go off and give her my Ted Talk: "So, I have the vest and the full-zip, but originally wanted the half-zip. And here, ya'll have it for $24.99. You realize this is a $100 pullover, right??" 

She says: "Oh yeah! I have one from Victoria's Secret"...

I'm thinking, "No, no, no... you don't understand. This BRAND... Thread & Supply... is TOP NOTCH. High quality. THIS SHERPA IS $100." I let it go. Maybe she'll read this blog post one day and understand my hype.

Anyways, I feel so lucky to have been able to get two of them at such a discount. I felt like I stole them.  But, now that I have tried them all, I can tell you, that even if you don't find them at your closest Marshalls or TJMaxx, they are worth the retail price. 

This sherpa is so warm. On a really cold fall day, I can wear a flannel and the sherpa vest, and feel perfectly content. And don't even get me started with the full-zip and half-zip. You could 100% get away with wearing a long sleeve shirt under it during Winter and be perfectly content. I'm amazed at the heat it provides. 

Here are some similar ones: 

Brooke xx


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