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GGDB Dupes Under $30

Okay so let's talk TENNIS SHOES. They are my latest obsession. I've seen blogger friends wearing them and the brand that I see the most is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. So of course I looked up their photo in the app to see the price (don't we all?) and they were OVER $500!!! For sneakers that are scuffed up? I mean... don't get me wrong... I LOVE the scuffed up look... wouldn't change it; I was more baffled at the cost for a pair of sneakers (although I do hear they are like walking on clouds). I just don't see myself spending that on a pair of shoes for myself anytime soon, unless I get lucky and win the lotto. The most I've spent on shoes was $200 for a pair of booties. 

So I am here with AMAZING news for ya'll in case you clicked on the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand link and fell in love with the shoes, but not the price, just like I did. Here I present to you... GGDB DUPES. For under $30. Yep. You're welcome. Buy ALL of the different colo…

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