Old Navy Try-On

Hi, all! First off... thank you for reading my very first blog post! I am so excited!! 

As you may already know... I've been on the hunt for dress pants for teaching (because all I own otherwise are joggers and distressed jeans LOL!). I saw some cute non denim dress pants on the H&M website (we don't have an H&M in our area) but I get iffy about ordering pants online because they all run so differently: too big, too tight, too long, too short, too high waisted, too low waisted, ones that make the crotch area look weird, or ones that make my butt look flat (lol). You catch my drift. So this is why I abandoned the idea of ordering online from H&M but instead going to Old Navy. 

Below are photos of some of my favorite items I tried on with links underneath to purchase. Notice most of the pieces are tops and not pants... but the good news is... I found one pair of pants that I absolutely adore! Scroll on, friends!!


HACK TO THE YAS! And finally... this girl got herself dress pants. I love how these hit right above the ankle and have a tiny bit of flair. Not to mention they are SO comfy with an elastic band at the top. This basic tee is amazing. I went to grab more (yes... of the same one... I mean what if something happens to this one??? Lol! But seriously, you can never have enough basic tees) but they only had one in this color. I'm lucky I grabbed the last one! But not to worry, it is fully stocked online!

Top // wearing size S
Top (other colors) // wearing size S
Pants // wearing size 0

FLANNEL WEATHER! I'm obsessed with flannels this year. I love wearing a basic tee and wrapping a flannel around my waist. It is the cutest look and adds a 'lil more detail to yo' outfit!! I am wearing a medium here (I like my clothes a bit oversized).

Top // wearing size M

Blue and white. Wearing size S.

Comes in many other colors. This is light grey and white. Love how bright and fresh it looks. Wearing size M.

I completely ditched the idea of tight-sleeved sweaters; balloon sleeves are in this year! I am all about it. Here I am wearing a size small. This is a true light grey. It's the softest sweater!! Can't find it online right now, but when I do, I will add it here!

Here is the same top in mustard. It comes in many other colors!!

Oh ma goshhhh. Ya'll I've  been on the hunt for casual jumpsuits. I come to Old Navy and BOOM right before my eyes are ones that I love!! I walked out with two. One of them includes this adorable denim one! I threw on a basic tee underneath for extra layering.

Top // wearing size S
Top (other colors) // wearing size S
Jumpsuit (denim) // wearing size XS
Jumpsuit (other colors) // wearing size XS

It comes in other colors (in case denim. ain't yo' thing)! 

Here's jumpsuit #2 that came home with me. This is a non-stretchy material. It will be perfect for the classroom (and cozy)!

Jumpsuit // wearing size XS

Such a cute swing dress. This one is black and white and is available in so many colors! It has stretch and is so soft!

Swing Dress (striped) // wearing size XS
Swing Dress (solid colors) // wearing size XS

Green and black. Perfect colors for Fall!

Overall, I was impressed with some of my Old Navy finds. Whenever I come here, I ALWAYS find pieces I love, but I rarely say, "Oh hey! Let's go to Old Navy!" But now... that might change.

Thanks for reading my first blog post!

Brooke xx


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